Peura The Faerie Guardian


The Faerie Guardian

"I am the voice of the voiceless!"




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Attack Damage

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The first time Peura saw the wings of Lauriel, he was being wildly chased by Aleister. In fact, after Aleister defected from the Bright Temple, he started coveting the Fountain of Light under Lauriel's protection. After all it was a key ingredient for his magic experiments.

Lauriel fell under siege of the fallen and suffered severe injuries so he was left with no other choice but to escape into the Dark Forest. This is when he encountered the forest guardian, Peura, who lent him a helping hand.

However, Peura had no way to resist the destructive power of Aleister's magic. In order to prevent Aleister from succeeding, Lauriel handed the Fountain of Light to Peura and stood his ground so that she may escape. Aleister was very cunning, however. He didn't give them any chance as he dropped Kaminari on them and turned them black and blue.

"I will drink this all before I let him succeed!" The weakened Peura used her last bit of energy to drink the Fountain of Light and the light energy it contained burst throughout her body. In fact, the overflow of power even burst forward and healed the prostrate Lauriel before her eyes. With Peura's help, Lauriel recovered and successfully defeated Aleister.

After it was all over, Lauriel invited Peura to join the Temple of Light, but she politely refused. "I have a sworn oath to protect the Dark Forest, but visitors to the Bright Temple will always be considered friends."

Stat Lvl 1 Lvl 2 Lvl 3 Lvl 4 Lvl 5 Lvl 6 Lvl 7 Lvl 8 Lvl 9 Lvl 10 Lvl 11 Lvl 12 Lvl 13 Lvl 14 Lvl 15
Attack Damage159 168177186195204213222231240249258267276285
Ability Power0 00000000000000
Max HP3238 34283618380839984188437845684758494851385328551857085898
Armor96 114132150168186204222240258276294312330348
Magic Defense50 586674829098106114122130138146154162
Attack Speed0 1234567891011121314
Cooldown Speed0 00000000000000
Critical Chance0 00000000000000
Movement Speed360 360360360360360360360360360360360360360360
HP / 5 sec38 4042444648505254565860626466
Mana / 5 sec17 1819202122232425262728293031


When Peura receives DMG, she launches a counterattack on the attacker to cause Magic DMG and slow their Mov. Speed by 90% for 1 sec. This effect will only trigger once every 10 sec.

Healing Light

Peura uses healing magic to recover HP (+8% of target's lost HP) for herself and surrounding friendly heroes. Also increases ATK Speed for 3 sec.

Forest Sentry

Peura summons an eagle to attack enemies. The eagle will fire between the enemy units to cause Magic DMG and stun them temporarily. Fires a maximum of 6 times. The same target can receive multiple shot effects.

Nature’s Rally

Peura uses the power of Spirit Orbs to create a barrier that increases Phys. DEF for nearby friendly units. Enemy units in range will suffer Magic DMG every 0.5 sec. Enemies who remain in range over 2 sec will receive 1.5 sec of Dazed.

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